Coldplay - Billie jean

Artist: Coldplay Title: Billie Jean (cover) Tuning: EADGBe Standard Listen to the song: Because I couldn't find a tab of the Billie Jean cover by Coldplay, I watched a of Billie Jean over and over again, until I got it. The way Coldplay performs this song is in one word: Brilliant! Leave a comment if you think something is wrong with this tab. This is the part John Buckland plays: Riff A e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| Repeat 12 times. D|--------------------------| You can mute the notes if that sounds better to you. A|---10----8-10-8-----------| E|------10--------10-8-10---| Then the next riff comes in, after Chris Martin sings: 'She said I'm the one' in the 1st verse. Riff B e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| Play this riff 2 times. D|---10----8-10-8-----------| A|------10--------10-8-10---| E|--------------------------| After Riff B, play Riff A again. There is an other guitar (Will Champion, COldplay drummer) in this song. He strums a few while John plays the riff. This is the part of Will in the verse: Bm C#m D C#m e|--------------------------| B|----3---5-------7---5-----| G|----4---6-------7---6-----| Repeat the whole verse, D|----4---6-------7---6-----| Listen to the song for the rhythm. A|----2---4-------5---4-----| E|--------------------------| OR e|----2---4-------5---4-----| B|----2---4-------5---4-----| G|----2---4-------6---4-----| Or you can play this. But I don't D|--------------------------| believe this is the way Will plays it. A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------| The outro (solo) by John Buckland: FH FH e|-----------------|-----------------| B|-----------------|-----------------| G|---5-5h7-5---5h7-|----5h7-5---5h7--| Repeat 7 times. D|-----------8-----|--8-------8------| A|-----------------|-----------------| E|-----------------|-----------------| e|---------------| B|---------------| G|-----5h7\\\\\--| D|---8-----------| A|---------------| E|---------------| h = Hammer-on FH = Fast Hammer-On \\ = Slide down the neck I hope you liked my tab of Coldplay's Billie Jean. ~Joris~ PS. Could somebody help me out with the chords for the Pre-chorus? That the only part missing in this tab ;)
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