Coldplay - Beautiful world

From my point of view i think this song is pretty simple. There are only two different progressions that are repeated throughout so it shouldnt be too difficult to pick up. me 10 minutes :p Just another thing, where i've put two notes next to each other, e.g. 1+0, this means you alternate between them. Usually: 0--1-0-0, such as at the end of the verse sections similarly for the chord in the chorus. Where the note alternates for the intro chord, and the same for in the verse i believe goes like this: 2-2-0--2--2-0--2--2--0--2--2-0-0 however this varies sometimes so your gonna have to kinda figure that out as you go along. Enjoy! :D its a "beautiful" song :P Intro: Alternate between these two chords accordingly to how you strum them: |---0---0------------| |---1---1------------| |---2---0 ---------| switching finger accordingly |---3---3------------| |---0---0------------| |---x---x------------| Progression 1 (verse + instrumental): |---0------0------0---------------------------------------------------| |---1------1------1+0 -----------------------------------------------|alternate at the of every verse section |---2------0------2+0 -------alternate accordingly as done in intro--| |---2------2------3---------------------------------------------------| |---0------3------0---------------------------------------------------| |---x------x------x---------------------------------------------------| This is then repeated however many times required in the verse or instrumental sections. Progression 2 (chorus): |---1------0------3------1------0---| |---3------1------1+0----3------1---| |---2------2------0------2------2+0-| |---0------2------0------0------3---| |---x------0------2------x------0---| |---x------x------3------x------x---| Outro (there is a slight tweek at the end but nothing major!!!): on the last chord of the whole song: |-------0---0--| |-----------1--| |-----2-----2--| |---3-------3--| |-----------0--| |-----------x--| Hope this works for you. Works for me! Constructed by: Lord 0mega
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