Coldplay - Animals

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Animals - Coldplay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed by: b34r5 Email: I spent a while trying to find some chords which sounded right to me when played along with the song, and to put it simply; I cant. Without taking my guitar a couple of steps down, anyway (see note at end of tab). I THINK the chords are as follows, but you have to bar them up if using standard tuning, which makes them sound a bit wrong. If you play this way, think of the Eb as a 'D#' (raise a D by barring the whole first fret, may require some practice- 3,4,3,1,1,1) and Cm is 3,4,5,5,3,3. Eb - F - Eb - F (x2)
GAnimals weB are DiEbsposable CollCmapsable and Graw In you Bgo In Ebto some crowded Cmroom and GAnimals that Bclimb and they're Ebclimbin' over Cmyou Until you Gsay "OffB you go, off yEbou gCmo"
G - B - Eb - Cm (x2)
GAnimal I Bam and I'm Eblooking for an Cmanswer just like Gyou, B but I should know which Ebway to Cmturn, G B An animal that runs And I Ebran away from yCmou because I'm Gscared, "now OffB you go, off Ebyou goCm,"
EbIf you're gonna go, goF now EbIf you're gonna go, goF now EbI forgot to tell you Fhow Eb so If you gonna go,F go now
G - B - Eb - Cm (x2) Animal you are disposable defenseless yes and Watch your mouth boys, watch your mouth an animal that runs and i made all my excuses to you and i missed my chance by a stones throw Chorus again End bit-
Gcrumble and fall, BCrumble and fall, EbCrumble and fall like an Cmanimal, (all x4)
G - B - Eb - Cm (chord pattern to end) --- If you want it to sound better and dont mind messing about with your tuning, take it down 2 steps (put a capo on second fret and tune that to standard, then take capo off) and play with the following chord shapes- Play the G in an A shape with the new tuning Play the B in an C shape " " " " Play the Eb as an F shape (or an Fmaj7, leaving the High E open, not fret 1) Play the Cm as a Dm shape For the chorus, either play the F as a G shape, or slide the Eb up 2 frets. Sorry that may come across as very confusing, but I couldn't be bothered to tab out the song again with new 'relative to 2 steps down' chords. Just mess around with it with a guitar in your hands and song in the background and you'll get it no problem.
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