Coldplay - Always in my head

Tabbed by Kwint & Troy (from Sir Jupiter). The other tab wasn't really correct, with some major/minor mistakes in it, so we thought we'd had have a go. We've listened carefully to the bass notes played by Guy Berryman. Artist : Coldplay Song : Always In My Head Album : Ghost Stories [2014] CAPO III Chords used: Em [022000] G [320003] Bm [x24432] A/C# [x4222x] A [x02220] D [xx0232] <- The D chord could also be A A/D [x5222x] INTRO: Em |G |Bm |A/C# A x2 VERSE:
Em I think of Gyou Bm I haven't sA/C#lept A Em I think I Gdo Bm But I don't foA/C#rget A
My body mEmoves, goes where I wGill But though I tBmry, my heart stays stA/C#ill D
In memorEmies, just won't be lGet Bm A/C# (D) So my mouth waters, to be filled
(And) you're Dalways in my Emhead G You're always in Bmmy-y hA/C#ead You're Dalways in my hEmead G You're always in Bmmy-y hA/C#ead A
BRIDGE: Em |G |Bm |A (A) Em G You're always in my head
Always in Bmmy-y You're always in Amy-y
EmThis I Gguess BmIs to tell you you're chA/C#osen DOut from the rEmest
If you have any suggestions/corrections, please let us know in the comments!
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