Coldplay - All i can think about is you

[Chords] C X32010 C/Bb X12010 F 133211 Bb X13331 or 688766 Gm 355333 C/E 032010 Eb 668886 Am7 575555 G#M7 4X6543 Cm/C# X46543 [Intro] C C/Bb F C [x2] [Verse 1]
CFish fell out of C/Bbwater FBirds stuck on the Cground CChaos giving C/Bborders FEverything is upsideC down CWhole world's on a C/Bbflight path FI wonder where they'llC go CTroubles on the C/Bboutside, I Fknow C
CBut now, all I canC/Bb think about is Fyou C CAll I can C/Bbthink about is Fyou C
[Verse 2]
CIf all that I'm C/Bbon earth to Fdo C Is soClo Then what aC/Bb lone poor sFhoe FI wanna walk in a two
[Instrumental] C Gm F C/E Eb Bb Am7 G#M7 Cm/C#(last beat) [Verse] C Gm
FIt's all I caC/En, It's all I Ebcan EbIt's all I Bbcan, It's all I can Am7do G#M7 G#M7It's Cm/C#all I can Cdo!
[Instrumental] C Gm F C/E [Bridge]
EEbverything is falling all aBbround you BbIt's all I can Am7do G#M7 Cm/C#
CAll I can Gmthink about is Fyou C/E C/EIt's all IEb can EbAll I can Bbthink about is Am7you Am7Love is the G#M7only thing left that's true
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