Bruno Mars - Young girls

G-Bm-Bm7-C-D-Em CAPO II 4/4 time VERSE 1
GI spent all my money Bought a Bmbig old fancy car For you Cbright-eyed Ghonies Oh yeah Cyou know who you Dare GKeep me up til the sun is high Til the Bm7birds start calling my Bmname I'm Caddicted and I don't know Gwhy Guess I've Calways been this Dway All these Croads steer me Dwrong But I still Bmdrive them all night Emlong, all night Clong
Oh you Gyoung wild girls you make a mess of Bmme Yeah you Gyoung wild girls you'll be the death ofBm7 me, the death of Dme All you Gyoung wild girls no matter what you Bmdo Yeah you Gyoung wild girls I'll always come back to Bmyou, come back to Bm7you
GI get lost in all these nights I get Bmlost in the words I say I Cbelieve in my own Glies That everCything will be DOK GOh I still dream of a simple life BmBoy meets girl makes her his wife CLove don't exist when you live like this CThat much I know, yes I Dknow All these Croads steer me Dwrong Bm Em C (raise octave on voice) But I still drive them all night long, all night long
GYou o o o Emo EmYou o o o Bmo GYou o o o Emo YGou o o o Co Yeah (repeat 1X) REPEAT CHORUS
outro G on the last you note this is my interpretation probably not 100% accurate
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