Bruno Mars - Who is

This is my first time... ______________________________ Standard Tuning (INTRO) C / Em / Am / G / F (VERSE 1)
Oh I was Cperfect, For the Emcircus If she Amdid me, I Gdo it, FLove makes you stupid I Cgave it up, But I guess it was Emnot enough Cause she Amnever seemed GsatisFfied G (OohFh)
I Fknow I'm not Cperfect, But at the end of the dGay Who Amis ? G (OohFh) She wanted Fsomeone thats Cperfect Well OkGay, But can you tell me Who Amis ? G (OohFh x2) G Am
(Verse 2)
She Cset the bar, Just aEmbove the stars A Amrocket couldn't Greach it, But I sFtill kept on reaching She Cwatched me try, At least a Emthousand times If she Amloved me, She'd Gstop me But Fnoo G (OohFh)
(Chorus) (BRIDGE)
F I saw something Eworth my future C So wrGong So Amwrong G F In my mind I was Ethe reason But i Cguess I waGsn't wAmrong G
(OohFh) (Chorus)
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