Bruno Mars - When i was your man (piano) chords ver. 1

Intro D7 Dm C.. D7 Dm C G
Amsame bed but it feeCls just a little bit bDmigger now Gour song on the radio but it don't sCound the same G Amwhen our friends talk aboCut you all that it does is just tDmear me down Gcause my heart breaks a little when I Chear your name
and Gall just sounds like Amooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Emooh Bbhmmm Too young, too dumb to rGealize Reff I: that GI should've bought you flFowers Gand held your hanCd should've give you all my Fhours Gwhen I had the cChance take you to every Fparty cause all you Gwanted to do was Amdance D7now my baby is Fdancing but she's dFmancing with another mCan
Musik: F C G
Ammy pride, my Cego my needs and my sDmelfish ways Gcaused a good strong woman like you to walk Cout my life G now I Amnever, Cnever get to clean up the Dmmess I made Gand it haunts me every time I close mCy eyes
==Kembali ke : *), Reff I
although it hFurts i'll be the fGirst to say that
Ci waGs oh, I kD7now I'm probably much too late to try and aDmpologize for my mistakes but I just wGant you to know


Reff II :
i hoGpe he buys you floFwers Gi hope he holds your hCand give you all his hFours Gwhen he has the chaCnce take you to every pFarty cause I remGember how much you lAmoved to dance dD7o all the things FI should've done Fm when I was your mCan dD7o all the thingsF I should've doneFm when I was your maCn
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