Bruno Mars - When i was your man acoustic

Intro: Dm - F - C - Dm - F - C - C/B
AmSame bed Cbut it feels just a litle bit Dmbigger now GOur song on the Dmradio but it don't Csound the same C/B AmWhen our friends Ctalk about you, all it does is just Dmtear me down GCause my heart breaks a little when I Chear your name
C/BIt all just sounds like Amoooooh. Em Hmmm... BbToo young, too dumb to Crealize
GThat I should 've bought you Fflowers G And held your Chand Should 've gave you all my Fhours When I had the Cchance Take you to every Fparty Cause all you wanted to do was Amdance DmNow my baby's Fdancing But she's Fmdancing with another Cman
AmMy pride, Cmy ego, my needs, and my Dmselfish ways GCaused a good strong Dmwoman like you to Cwalk out my life C/B Now I Amnever, Cnever get to clean up the Dmmess I made, ohhhhhhh GAnd it haunts me every time I close Cmy eyes (Repeat *)
Although it Fhurts I'll be the F#first to say that I was Cwrong G Am Goh, I Dmknow I'm probably much too late To try and apologize for my mistakes But I just Gwant you to know
I hope he buys you Fflowers I hope he holds your Chand Gives you all his Fhours When he has the Amchance CTake you to every Fparty Cause I remember how much you loved to Amdance DmDo all the things I Fshould 've Fmdone When I was your Cman DmDo all the things I Fshould 've Fmdone When I was your Cman!
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