Bruno Mars - When i was your man

Hi! this is my first tab ever.. and its very similar to what others are posting, but i absolutely love how it sounds in this key. hope you guys love it too Capo 8
EmSame bed, but it Gfeels just a little bit Ambigger now DOur song on the D7radio, but it don't Gsound the sameBm EmWhen our friends talk Gabout you all it does is just Amtear me down DCause my heart breaks a little when I Ghear your name
And it all Bmjust sounds like ooh, Emooh, ooh, ooBmh mmm Ftoo young, too dumb to reaGlize
That DI should have bought you CflowersD and held your Ghand Should have gave you all my Chours Dwhen I had the cGhance Take you to every Cparty cause all you Dwanted to do was dGance Now my baby's Cdancing, but she's Cmdancing with another mGan. Bm
(verse 2)
EmMy pride, my Gego, my needs and my Amselfish ways DCaused a good strong D7woman like you to walk oGut my lifBme Now I Emnever, Gnever get to clean up the Ammess I made And it Dhaunts me every time I close Gmy eyes
Although it Churts I'll be the Dfirst to say that I was GwrDonEmg Bm Oh, I A7know I'm probably much too late To try and Amapologize for my mistakes But I just Dwant you to know
I hope he buys you CflowersD, I hope he holds your Ghand Give you all his Chours Dwhen he has the Gchance Take you to every Cparty cause ID remember how much you loved toG dance Do all the things I Cshould have doneCm when I was your Gman Do all the things I Cshould have doneCm when I was your Gman
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