Hey guys! :D When I went to learn treasure, I failed. No chords fit the bill. Personally, I think they're terrible. No offense of course ! :3 Anyway, then, I thought I should do my own, since I figured them out soon after I tried; because the chords of another song match this one. Hope it's acceptable! Only uneasy thing is Bm, I guess. *one strum
BmGive me your, give me your, give me your attentionEm baby D AI got to tell you a little something about youDrself A BmYou're wonderful, flawless, ooh you're a sexy Emlady D ABut you walk around here like you wanna be someone Delse A Oh-oaBmh-oah-oh-oah-oh EmI know that you don't knDow it but you're fAine so fine, DFine so Afine Oh-oaBmh-oah-oh-oah-oh EmOh girl I'm gonna show Dya when you're mine Aoh mine D* A* Mine oh mine
BmTreasure, Emthat is wDhat you are, AHoney you're my Dgolden Astar, BmI know you could Emmake my Dwish come Atrue, If you Dlet me Atreasure Bmyou If ya' Emlet me tDreasure yAou - oh - Doah
This continues through whole song, just Bm, Em, D, A, D. You're welcome. Even if it didn't help. Haha jokin q3 x
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