Bruno Mars - The lazy song

Bruno Mars--The Lazy Song Key: B I learned this by ear so i don't expect it to be perfect intro don't play until around 0:28, then play this: G-------|------------------------------------.Repeat-| (x4) D-------|-----------4-4---4-2-2---(-4-2-1------------| A-----1-|-2-2---2h4------------(2h4------4-----------| E---4---|--------------------------------------------| repeat from the divided vertical line. The second time played the section in parentheses (brackets) can be played like this: G--------------------| D--------4-2---------| A----2h4-------1-----| E------------4-------| "Yes i said it.............." (Pre-Chorus) G-------------------------------| D-------------------2-2-2-2-4~~-| A---2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-------------| E-------------------------------| Chorus G----------------------------------------Repeat-| (x3) D-------------4-4--4-2-2----------4-2-1---------| A---2-2---2h4---------------2h4---------4-------| E-----------------------------------------------| Then at the last part of chorus G----------------------------------------| D-------------------------2-1------------| A---2-2---2h4-4-4--2h4-4------4-2--------| E----------------------------------------| Post Chorus: Do the same thing as the first part of the chorus Verse Dont play anything when he's singing this: "Tommorow i wake up do some P90X meet a really nice girl have some really nice sex, and shes gonna scream out this is great--oh my God this is great." Then: "yeah i might mess around get my college degree" play part when bass first comes in. Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: Don't really know what is being played but i just play this: G------------------------------| D--------------2-2---4-4-------| A---2-2--4-4-------------------| E------------------------------| Then hes going to sing the chorus again--don't play anything. After the chorus play the intro part when the bass first comes in That's it as i said before its not going to be perfect because i learned it by ear but it does the job Listen to the song to help you, you can actually hear the bass line.
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