Bruno Mars - Runaway baby

Ive listened to this over and over and I am confident this tab is the most correct! This Intro Goes For Most Of The Song Except For the chorus: This is a very accurate version, that anyone can learn. E|---0--12--10--12--6-5--5--3--5-6-5--3| A|-------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------| Or: E|---0-----------6-5--5--3--5-6-5--3| A|------7--5--7---------------------| D|----------------------------------| G|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| e|----------------------------------| FOR THE 2ND VERSE: which are these lyrics: Well let me think let me think Ah what should I do' So many eager young bunny's That I'd like to pursue Now even now they eating out the palm of my hand There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it. the tab looks like this: E|---0--3--4--5------------| A|---------------0--3--4--5| D|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| e|-------------------------| At the end of the song the tab ends off like this: E|---7—9—10—11| A|------------| D|------------| G|------------| B|------------| e|------------| PLEASE RATE, i know its the best, Josiahboy123™
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