Bruno Mars - Nothin on you

This is Bruno's personal remix of Nothin' On You that he plays acoustically, shown here: Chords:
eEbmaj7 --6--- ---Cm3--- --C#m4-- ---5Dm--- ---8-F-| A --8--- ---4--- --5-- ---6--- --10--| D --7--- ---5--- --6-- ---7--- --10--| G --8--- ---5--- --6-- ---7--- --10--| B --6--- ---3--- --4-- ---5--- ---8--| E --6--- ---3--- --4-- ---5--- ---8--|
Note: For the C#m, you only play that chord once, for example in the third line of the you play C#m once when he says "no" and then go straight to Dm. Enjoy! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. Lyrics:
Ebmaj7If I told you I was perfect I'd be lying, CmIf there's somethin I'm not doin girl I'm tryin'. I know I'mC#m no Dmangel. But I'm not so Fbad...
No, no, no,
Ebmaj7if you see me at the party conversating, that doesn't Cmmean telephone numbers are exchangin'. I know I'mC#m no Dmangel, girl. But I'm not so Fbad... you should know theres Beautiful gEbmaj7irls all over the world I could be cCmhasing But my time would be wasted, they got nothingC#m on Dmyou, baby Nothing on yFou, baby They might say Ebmaj7hi, and I might say hey But you shouldn't Cmworry, about what they say 'Cause they got nothingC#m on Dmyou, baby Nothing on Fyou, baby
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