Bruno Mars - Natalie

bruno mars natalie I hope you like it! capo 5
AmOh, I never done this before AmNever wanna do this again AmLong turn on a dusty road AmI did it too much so I can't pretend DmWell, I learned just a little too late Good God, I must've been blind F'Cause she got me for everything Everything, evEerything, everything, alright
AmLike my daddy I'm a gambling man AmNever been afraid to roll the dice AmBut when I put my bet on her AmLittle miss snake eyes ruined my life DmShe better sleep with one eye open Better make sure to lock her door FCause once I get my hands on her, Imma, Eooh
AmNatalie, she ran Faway with All my mGoney and she did it for fDm7un AmNatalie, she's probably oFut there Thinking it's fGunny Telling Dm7everyone Well AmI'm digging a ditch Fmaj7For this gold digging bitch GWatch out she's quick, Dm7look out for a Pretty little thing named AmNatalie, If you seFe her tell her I'm cGoming, she better Amrun
AmThe good lord better bless your soul Am'Cause I done already cursed your name AmDon't matter which way you go AmPayback's gonna come your way
DmYou'll be begging me, please, please, please And I'm gon' look at you and laugh, laugh, laugh FWhile you sit there cry for me, cry for me, cry for me all night
AmI spend a lifetime in jail (Yeah, that's what I do) AmI'll be smiling in my cell (Yeah, thinking bout you) DmCant nobody save you now So there ain't no use in try FOnce I get my hands on you, IEmma, oooh
Fmaj7I should've known better 'Cause whDm7en we were together She nFmaj7ever said forever I'm a fF#7ool that played in her game
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