Bruno Mars - Grenade

SONG :Grenade By Bruno Mars CHORDS BY :Prayag Dekaraja It is a very nice song.I have given the accurate guitar chords. VERSE :
EaDmsy come,Easy go ThA#at`s just how you live,oh, TaCke,take,take it all, BuA#t you never give. ShDmould`ve known you was trouble, FrA#om the first kiss, HaCd your eyes wide open, WhAy were they open?
GaDmve you all I had, YoA#u tossed it in the trash, YoCu tossed it in the trash,yoAu did. ToDm give me all your love is alA#l I ever asked,`cause WhFy you don`t understand is, D#
I`d catch a grDmenade for ya,(Yeah,YFeah) Throw my hand on a bDmlade for ya,(Yeah,YFeah) I`d jump in front a traCin for ya,(Yeah,YFeah) You know I`d do anythinCg for ya,(Yeah,YeFah) Oh,oh,oh I woA#uld go through all of this pFain, Take a buCllet straight through my bFrain! YeA#s,I would die for ya,baby,
F ( 1 Down-Stroke and pause) But you won`t do the same. The rest of the song is played in the same way... "THANK YOU":FROM PRAYAG DEKARAJA
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