So, this is just the first verse hook, and chorus. Here we go~ Strum pattern: It doesn't matter which you use, but I find D D U, U D U to be most easy. These chords pretty much are the same throughout the whole song, so enjoy!
If you eCver find yourself stuck in the middle of the sEmea I'll sAmail the worlGd, to fiFnd you If you ever fiCnd yourself lost in the dark and you can't sEmee AmI'll be the liGght to guiFde you Dm Find out what we're Emmade of F G (strum once) When we are called to help our friends in need You can Ccount on me like 1Em, 2, 3 I'll Ambe theGre And IF know when I need it I can cCount on you like Em4, 3, 2 You'll Ambe therGe 'Cause tFhat's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeCah OooooEmoh, oooohhhAm G Fyeah, yeah
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