Bruno Mars - Bruno mars medley

C Oh her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining Am Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying F She's so beautiful, and I tell her every Cday
I think I wanna marCry you. C Oh His lips, his lips, I could kiss them all day if he’d let me Am his laugh, his laugh, he hates but I think it's so sexy F he's so beautiful, and I tell him every dCay
CI think I wanna marry you. Cbeautiful girls allF over the worGld i could be chCasing but my time would be wGasted
they got nothing Dmon you bGaby nothDing on yGou baby
I'd catch a grenade foAr ya This onFe's for you and mCe,
I’d TGhrow my haAnd on a bladeF for ya living out Cour dreams
I'Gd jump in froAnt of a train foFr ya with my arms out Cwide
GYou know I'd Ado anythinFg for ya I open mCy eyes
Oh,G no, oh I woulFd go through all of thGis pain, TaCke a bullet strGaight through mAy brain!
FIf you walk away Everyday it will Grain, rain, rGa-AAA-in
COooh, oooh, Aoooh DOooh, oooh, Goooh CToday I swear I’Gm not doinFg anything
G---- I wanna be a billionare
CI just wanna Glay in myF bed so freaking Gbad
CDon't feel like picking Gup my phone ASo leave a message at the tFone CCause today I swear I'm Gnot doinFg anything
So what we Cgo out, So what we don??F?t sleep We're just havin' Dfun We don't care whoG sees So what we goC out, That's how it's supposed toF be! LivCin' young, andG wild, anCd free!
When I see your Cface, there's not a Amthing that I would change Cause you're aFmazing, just the way you Care
I think I wanna marCry you. CAnd when you smile, theAm whole world stops and stares for awhile Cause you're amazinFg, just the way you are, C
I think I wanna marCry you. Cause you're amazinFg, just the way you are, C
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