Avenged Sevenfold - Wish you were here chords ver. 1

[Verse 1]
CSo, so you think you can tDell Heaven from HAmell Blue skies from paGin? Can you tell a green fielDd From a cold steel raCil? A smile from a veAmil? Do you think you can teGll?
[Verse 2]
And did they get you to traCde Your heroes for ghDosts? Hot ashes for treAmes? Hot air for a coGol breeze? Cold comfort for chDange? And did you exchaCnge A walk on part in the waAmr For a leading role in a caGge?
Em D G Em G Em A Em A G [Verse 3]
CHow I wish, how I wish you were hDere We're just tAmwo lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl GYear after year DRunning over the same old ground CWhat have we found? The same old fearAms Wish you were heGre Em
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