Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions

"I'll Amtry," she said as he Fwalked aGway. Am"Try not to lose you." Two vibrant Fhearts could Gchange. AmNothing tears the being more than deception, Funmasked Gfear. Am"I'll be here Fwaiting" Gtested and Amsecure.
AmNothing hurts Fmy world, Gjust affects the ones Amaround me AmWhen sin's deep in Fmy blood, Gyou'll be the one to Amfall.
Am"I wish I could Fbe the Gone, Amthe one Fwho won't Gcare at all AmBut being Fthe one on the Gstand, AmI kFnow the Gway to go, no one's guiding Fme. AmWhen time soaked with Fblood turns its Gback, AmI kFnow it's Ghard to Amfall. AmConfided in Fme was your Gheart AmI kFnow it's Ghurting Amyou, Fbut it's Gkilling Amme."
AmNothing will last in this Flife, Gour time is spent Amconstructing, Amnow you're perfecting a world... Fmeant to Gsin. AmConstrict your hands around Fme, Gsqueeze till I cannot Ambreathe, Amthis air tastes dead inside Fme, Gcontribute to our Amplague. AmBreak all your promises, Ftear down this steadfast wall, Grestraints are useless here, Amtasting salvation's near.
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