Avenged Sevenfold - Unbound the wild ride

My first tab. Enjoy! :D Intro : Dm Bb Dm Bb C 2x
DmSomewhere life is Bbgood DmAnd things go as they Bbshould It's hard to Cfind, But that's alDmright..yeah.. DmSearching for the Bbway DmPush harder everyBbday It's deep inCside, That shining lDmight..yeah…
BbBut I'm Ascarred D C Bb D-C-Bb By barriers placed in my path BbI'm sAcathed
Reff :
BbThis Dmride that Bbtakes me through Dmlife BbLeads me into Fdarkness but eAmerges into Dmlight BbNo Dmone can Bbever slow me Dmdown BbI'll Fstay unGmbound
DmSometimes when were Bbyoung DmAnd always on the Bbrun It gets so Cdark and I know that Dmplace yeah… So Dmdon't be too concBberned You've Dmgot a lot to lBbearn Well so do DmI and wave got, Plenty of Dmtime yeah..
BbDon't fall off the Atrack yet D C Bb D-C-Bb With so many race to go BbHold Aon…..
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DmSome Elive Gmso Fwrong With Bbwhat we Ado is Eeach his Dmown But DmlivEing in GmfeaFr BbEndless Ashame for Ecountless Dmyears BbI nDmever lived in fear I knew I'd die another day Bb A A5-G5-F5-E5-D5 I never viewed my life as something slipping away
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DmThere's nothing Ahere to take for Bbgranted CWith each breath that we take DmThe hands of Atime strip youth from our Bbbodies CAnd we fade FMemorEies reBbmain As time goes Aon
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