Avenged Sevenfold - Strength of the world acoustic tabs ver. 1

PLEASE NOTE: This is my first tab. Im pretty sure there arent any mistakes but if there please feel free to correct me. This was a fairly easy song to learn; it took me less half an hour to memorize it. ____________ /= SLIDE UP ~~= LET RING ____________ (GUITAR 1) E------1-------1-------------1---------1----3/5-----| B--------3-------3-------------3---------3----------| G----------2-------2-------------2------------------| D---------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| D---0------------------0--0-------------------------| (GUITAR 2) E-----------------| B---8~------------| G---7~------------| D---5~------------| A---5~------------| D---5~------------| (GUITAR 1) E---3-----------3---3-----------3----| B-----3-------3---3---3-------3---3--| G-------0---0-----------0---0--------| D---------0---------------0----------| A------------------------------------| D------------------------------------| This is all i have tabbed so far. Please feel free to add on if you figure it out. A7X FOREVER!
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