Avenged Sevenfold - So far away

I guess this chord so easy to learn :)
EmNever feared for anything EmNever shamed but never free
GA life to healD the broken heart wBmith all that Cit could EmLived a life so endlessly
EmSaw beyond what others see GI tried to heaDl your broken heart wBmith all that CI could
CWill you stay? DWill you stay away forever?
EmHow do I live without Gthe ones I love? AmTime still turns the pages ofEm the book it'Ds burned
EmPlace and time alGways on my mind AmI have so much to say but you're soEm far awDay
EmPlans of what our futures hold EmFoolish lies of growing old
GIt seems we're so iDnvincible BmThe truth is soC cold
Em A final song, a last request Em A perfect chapter laid to rest
GNow and then I tDry to find Bma place in my mCind CWhere you can stay?
DYou can stay away forever?
Back to reff [1x]
ESleep tight, I'mC not afraid AmThe ones that we love are herEme with me
ELay away a pClace for me DCause as soon as I'm done I'll be on my wCay
To liDve eternally
Melodi: E C Am Em E C D C D Back to reff [1x] Melodi: Em D Am G D Em D C [2x] Em D Am G D Em D C [2x] Em D C
EmI love youD you were ready AmThe pain Gis strong and urDges riEmse D C
EmBut I'll see yoDu when he lets me AmYour pain Gis gone, your Dhands unEmtied D C
EmSo DfarC away Em And ID need you to know C
EmSo DfarC away Em And ID need you to, need you to knCow
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