Avenged Sevenfold - Dear god

Hi guys! This is my first tab. Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold! :) I've been using UG ever since I started playing guitar 5 years ago so I though I could give something back. Hope it helps! :) Everything playd here is in D standard: DGCFAD Intro: Clean guitar The intro plays twice before the verse starts. Both times with a dfferent ending. Main part of intro: G D Em Bm C G D D||---3--------|--0----------|----------|0---0----|----------|----3---|2---2-| A||---3-0h1p0--|--3----------|----------|3----3---|----1p3-1-|---3-3--|3---3-| F||----------20|-2--2h4p2p0--|----------|4-----4--|--0------0|--0---0-|2---2-| C||------------|4----------24|5/2--2h42-|4-------4|-2-2------|-0-----0|0-----| G||------------|-------------|----------|2------2-|3---------|--------|------| D||-3----------|-------------|---0------|---------|----------|3-------|------| Ending 1: Ending 2: D D D|--------------------|| D|----------------|| A|-----3------3-0-0---|| A|----------------|| F|0--0-2h4p2p02--4-2-0|| F|0--0------------|| C|-24-----------------|| C|-24-4-----------|| G|--------------------|| G|----------------|| D|--------------------|| D|----------------|| Full Intro= Main Part->Ending1->Main Part->Ending2 Verse: Clean guitar The verse is also playd twice, both with different endings just as the intro. Tha endings are the same as in the intro. The main part in the verse is slightly different from the intro. Main part of verse: G D Em Bm C G D D||----3---|-----32--|--0-------|0--0----|---------|----3---|2---2-| A||---3-3--|---3---3-|--0-------|3---3---|----1h31-|---3-3--|3---3-| F||--0---0-|--2-2---2|--0-------|4----4--|--0-----0|--0---0-|2---3-| C||-0-----0|0--------|-4--2/4-2-|4------4|-2-2-----|-0-----0|0-----| G||--------|---------|----------|2-----2-|3--------|--------|------| D||3-------|---------|0---------|--------|---------|3-------|------| Full verse= Main Verse->Ending1->Main Verse->Ending 2 Chorus: Clean guitar G D Em Dear God, the only thing I Bm c ask of you is to hold her when I'm G D not aorund, when I'm much too far away. G D Em We all need that person who can Bm C be true to you. But I left her when I G D found her and now I'd wish stayed. C D Cus I'm lonely and I'm tired. I'm Bsus4 Em Bsus4= D-2 Em= D-3 (Only place in the song A-5 A-5 where this weird Em is used) missing you again F-4 F-4 C-4 C-2 (Not sure if it's an Em, G-2 G-2 but I think so) D C D-x D-x Oooooh No Cadd9 Once Again Bridge part1: Distortion ยจ X=Palm mute E D# C G xx xx xx xx D||-----------|-----------|--------|--------|| A||-----------|-----------|----5---|--------|| F||--11-12-11-|--11-12-11-|--75-575|--------|| x4 C||----9--9--9|----9--9--9|--------|--9-7---|| G||77---------|66---------|33------|---7-5--|| D||-----------|-----------|--------|55----4-|| These two parts are played together. E D# C G D||--------|--------|--------|--------|| A||--------|--------|--------|--------|| F||--------|--------|--------|--------|| x4 C||9-9-----|8-8-----|5-5-----|--------|| G||7-7-----|6-6-----|3-3-----|5-5-----|| D||--------|--------|--------|3-3-----|| C C D xx x x xx x x xx x x x x x x D||----3-----|----3-----|--2-0-2-|3-2-0---|| A||--1---1---|--1---1---|--------|------3-|| F||---0-0----|---0-0----|--------|--------|| C||----------|----------|00-0-0-0|-0-0-0--|| G||33--------|33--------|--------|--------|| D||----------|----------|--------|--------|| Bridge part 2: Clean v=up strokes ^=Down strokes X=palm mute G D Em Bm C G D ^ ^ ^v v v^v^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^v^v^ xxxx D||--3-3----|32-2-2320|--0------|-----------|---------|----3----|3p2p0-2-23200h2|| A||--3-3----|33-3-3333|--0------|--3-3h5p3--|--1-1h3-1|---33----|3-----3-33333--|| F||--0-0----|22-2-2222|--0------|--4-------4|--0-0---0|--000----|2-----2-22222--|| C||---------|---------|--4-2/4-2|--4------4-|--2------|--00-----|0-----0-00000--|| G||---------|---------|---------|22---------|33-------|--2------|---------------|| D||33-------|---------|00-------|-----------|---------|33-------|---------------|| That's it! There's a lot more than only this but I think this is the most important. One can play the whole song with only one guitar except for "Bridge Part 1".
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