Avenged Sevenfold - Carry on

EmSome people live that selfish desire EmSome choose to shout when they speak and they'll be the Dstars
EmCaught in the flame of those deep in fire EmSeeking out those with a voice
One for tDomorrow
A5They say we've lAb5ost our minds, G5we've just gained F#5control DmSearch endleFssly, fCight till we're fAree
A#Fly past the Fedge of the Asea EmNo bended Gknee, Dno mockeBry,
CSomehow we sGtill carryB on (fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear)
EmSilence your fear, we've got to move higher, EmHigh like the stars in the sky
Guiding us aDll EmBattle the will of those who conspire,
EmTake back the passion to live, vanish the Dsorrow
A5Destroys their pAb5erfect crime, wG5atch the power folF#5d DmSearch endlFessly, fiCght till we're fAree
BbFly past the Fedge of the Asea EmNo bended kGnee, Dno mockBery,
CSomehow we Gstill carry Bon LAST PART:
BCarry on C G D B C G B
That's all! Enjoy it!
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