Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife

intro: E G A G
Alike walking into a Edream A EGA so unlike what you've seen Aso unsure but it EseemsA cause we've been Ewaiting Gfor Aya Afalling into this Eplace Ajust giving you a small EtaGstAe Aof your afterlife Ehere so stay Ayou'll be back here soon EanyEwayG A G E
(pick strings with your hand on them) i see A distant light E G A but girl this cant be right A C A
Esuch a surreal place to sGee so how did this cAome to be arrGived to early Eand when i tGhink of all the pAlaces i Cjust don't GbelonFg EIve come to gGrips with life and Arealize this Cis goiGng toF far Ei don't beloGng here we gotta move oAn dear escGape from this aEfterlife cuz this tGime im right to move oAn and on fGar away from here
(repeat with different lyrics)
Egot nothing agaGinst you and surly ill mAiss you this plGace full of peEace and light and i hoGpe you might take mAe back inside whGen the time is right
Eloved ones back hAome all crying cause there Galready missing meA G Ei pray by the grAace of god that there's Gsomebody listeningF Egive me a cAhance to be the Gperson i wanna beA G Eoh lord ill Atry so hard but u Ggotta let go of meF
E G A G E G A G (repeat the chorus and the song ends)
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