Armada - Slow walk

Written By:Armada Published Here by:Armada (so its Right) Struming Pattern is:d d u d d u u d u d d u d d u u d u (d=down & u=up) After one strumming pattern go to the next set. Chours e--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--| A--1--|--1--|--0--|--1--|--1--|--1--| D--2--|--2--|--2--|--2--|--0--|--2--| G--2--|--2--|--2--|--2--|--0--|--2--| B--0--|--3--|--3--|--3--|--3--|--3--| E--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--| Then play Pre-Chourus Em G D Em G D Em (with same strumming pattern) The whole song is Chourus Pre-Chourus Chourus Pre-Chourus Chourus Pre-Chourus End with an: A (c) 2002 by Armada 6/17/02 visit
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