Queen - In only seven days

A D A D A/D D A/D D A/B Bm Mon-day the start of my holiday
Em7Freedom for A/Bjust one Bmweek BmFeels Agood Dto Gmaj7get G6away A6oooA7add9ooh A/D D A/D D A/B Bm Tuesday I saw her down on the beach Em7I stood and A/Bwatched a Bmwhile And Bmshe Alooked Dand Gmaj7smiled G6at me A6 A7add9 DWednesday I B7didn't see her EmI hoped that Ashe'd be back Dmaj7tomorrow Csus2 D Em7add9 Em7 Gm6 D And then on Thurs---day my luck had changed Em7add9 Em7 She stood there all alone I went and Gm6asked her Dname A#dimI never thought that this could Bmhappen to Eme In Aonly seven Ddays A#dimIt would take a Bmhundred or Emore For Amemories to Dfade
A/D D A/D D A/B Bm Em7 A/B Bm Bm A D Gmaj7 G6 A6 A7add9 A/D D A/D D A/B Bm I wish Fri-day could last forever
Em7I held her A/Bclose to Bmme I Bmcouldn't Abear Dto Gmaj7leave her G6thereA6 A7add9 DSaturday just B7twenty four hours EmOh no I'm Agoing back home on Dmaj7Sunday Csus2 D Csus2 D A/C# D A/C# D A/D Bm
Ooh so sad alone
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