Queen - Bring back that leroy brown

Brian actually plays this on an ukele banjo. This is only an approximate transcription for guitar. Gotta play it in that fast, Dixie style. (Or is it Charleston' Anyways....) The *really* tough part, where you'll need the most practice, is the C, B7, Bb7, A7, Dm7, C#dim, G7, C, G7+5 run. (Whoosh!) Once you can play that, the rest of the song is a cinch. Chords: G7+5 = xx1001, G#dim = xx0101, C/E = xx2010, 1dim = xx1212, 2dim = xx2323 (don't know the names, but they're diminished chords) Refrain: C G7 C G7 C G7 C G7+5 Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown - Yeah! Bring back, bring back, gotta ring that Leroy Brown - Yeah! Verse: C G+ C 1dim Am Bet your bottom dollar bill you're a playboy - yeah, yeah C F G7 C C Dm7 1dim C/E Daddy cool with a ninety dollar smile (oooh------------)
AmTook my money out of G#dimgratitude, and he Amgit right out of townC#dim Well, I gotta Cgetty up, B7steady up, Bb7shoot him A7down Dm7 1dim G7 C G7+5 Gotta hit that lat - i - tude babe.
Big bad Leroy Brown, he got no common sense - no, no Got no brains but he sure got a lot of style Can't stand no more in this here jail I gotta rid myself of this sentence Gotta get out of the heat, get into the shade gotta get me there dead or alive, babe!
CWoo-woo, big bad Leroy, woo-ooo Am E7 Am Am 2dim G7 G7 C G7+5 Woo-woo, big bad Leroy - Brown! CBig Momma Lula Belle,G7 she had a nervous Cbreakdown E7/G# Am (nervous breakdown) CLeroy's taken her G7honey-chile aCway Em/B Am But she Fmet him at the Amstation, put aDm7 shotgun to hisAm head And unDmless I be mistFaken, B7this is what she G7said:
C (C) 2dim Am Big bad, big boy, big bad Leroy Brown,
G7I'm gonna get that cutie Cpie G7 Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown - Yeah!
C G7 C 2dim Am Big bad caused a mighty fine sensation - yeah yeah
Gone and Cgot himself eleG7cted presideCnt Dm7 1dim C/E F A7 D7 G7 (we want) Le - roy for president CNext time, you gotta hit a bitty baddy weather (C) This time, like a shimmy shammy leather He's a Dm7big boy, Ambad boy, Leroy C G/B Am 1dim I don't care where you get him from CBring that Leroy Brown B7back - Cwant G7him bCack.
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