Coldplay - Lost highway

#-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------# # This file is the author's own work and represents their interpreta- # # tion of the song. You may only use this file for private study, # # scholarship, or research. # #---------------------------------------------------------------------# Band: Coldplay Song: Lost Highway Live in Toronto 6th May 2001 Words & Music: Hank Williams, Sr. From: Zachary E-mail: Note: I have a strong feeling that both acoustic & electric guitars is not Standard Tuning or maybe only the acoustic guitar. But anyway if you think it is other tunings then do so & change the chords notation given below. So that it will sound almost the same. Standard Tuning: EADGbe Chords Used:
e|Cmaj 0 Fmaj 1 Gmaj 3 A7 0 b| 1 1 3 2 G| 0 2 0 0 D| 2 3 0 2 A| 3 3 2 0 E| 0 1 3 X
Note: Verse 1 & Verse 2 don't really have lots of guitaring but anyway here is the chords. Verse 1:
CmajI'm a rollin' stone all alone and Fmajlost, For a life of Gmajsin I have paid the A7cost,
As FmajI walk by all the people Gmajsay, Just another A7guy on the lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj
Verse 2:
CmajJust a deck of cards and a jug of Fmajwine, And a woman's Gmajlife makes a life like A7mine,
On Fmajthe day we met, I went aGmajstray, I started A7going down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj
Note: You just got to listen to the song to understand this part. This is a acoustic part done by Chris while Jonny is on the electric in the 3rd & 4th verse. For those who don't know, p is pull off or drag to another barr in 1 strike, h is hammer or hit your finger on 1 barr with 1 finger on the lower barr in 1 strike, r is release your finger on a higher barr with another finger on the lower barr in 1 strike. So below you'll see that I've mixed in both plucking & struming into a tab chart. Instrumental: G A B Ebsus46 Emin Ebmin C#min Ebsus46 e|-------8-8-----8-----8--8--6------4-------8-----8---------------8- b|-3-5-7-----9-----9---9--9--7------5---3p5---9-----9---4-4p5-5h9--- G|-4-6-8-------8-----8-10-10-8------6-----------8-----8------------- D|-5-7-9------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------ Ebsus46 Ebaug5 Dadd9b5 Ebsus46 e|-8-----8-----9r8-------6---------------8----- b|---9-----9-------9------------9------9---9--- G|-----8-----8-------8-8------7------8-------0- D|--------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------- Ebmin7 C#min7 Bsus46 Bbsus46 Absus46 Dsus46 A Ab F# Ebsus46 F e|-9-9-----7-7---4-----4-3-3-----3-1-1-------------------8-----8--- b|-7-------5-------5-----4---4-----2--------0----5--4--2---9-----1- G|-8-------6---4-----4---3-----3---1--------0----6--5--3-----8---2- D|------------------------------------------0----7--6--4---------3- A|----------------------------------------------------------------- E|-----------------------------------------------------------------
e|-Fmaj7--0---Cmaj-0--- b|---1----1--- G|---2----0--- D|---3----2--- A|---0----3--- E|---X----0---
Note: Here the music gets hotter. So just play it on all the way. Verse 3:
CmajI was just a lad, only twenty Fmajtwo, Neither good nor Gmajbad, just a kid like A7you,
On Fmajthe day we met, it's too late to Gmajpray, I started A7going down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj
Verse 4:
CmajNow boys don't start to ramblin' Fmajround, On this road of Gmajsin are you sorrow boA7und,
Take Fmajmy advice or you'll curse the Gmajday, You started A7rollin' down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj
You started A7goin' down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj Goin' A7down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj
Goin' A7down that lost Fmajhighway,Cmaj Note: I guess everything is not lost here, maybe for the instrumental part I might miss some stuff there cause I can't trace every single thing that Chris do. So enjoy the song!
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