Coldplay - Closer to home

Closer To Home - ColdPlay Ft. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Jaime Lannister Contributor: Amit Pallab Intro: C F G C
CCould you lend me a hGand.. As I onFly got oneG.
IC miss my fingers.. Like yFou miss your sonG.
ACre you thinking about JoffGrey such a spiFrited ladG.
IC was his uncle.. I wasF also his DadG
ACround the worlFd.. My heGart had to roaCm
NCow I am looking for somFething.. AG Little Closer to homCe..
CCloser to homeF.. CGloser to home.C.
IC found my little trFee.. WGith a branch of our oCwn..
CCloser to homeF.. CGloser to home.C.
DCuring my familFy SGtays on thronCe.
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